Two Supergirl Costumes Compared for Halloween 2007

October 9, 2007

Over here at Trevor’s Deals we’ve been answering your call to find you the best deal on the best Supergirl Costume around.

As I’m sure you’ve seen this Halloween season… there are a few supergirl costumes out there… some kind of nerdy and old fashioned… and some modern and sexy. 

So, I’m going to compare two of the top Supergirl Costumes right here side by side so you can see for yourself the difference of the two costumes that you’ve been seeing.

Sexy Supergirl Costume:  (our pick for this Halloween season)
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Sexy Supergirl Costume

 Old Fashioned Supergirl Costume:  (good for the more reserved chicks)

Here is a picture of the old fashioned Supergirl Costume.  It’s a nice costume… but just not our style… and probably not your style. 

old fashioned supergirl costume

Well… I don’t know about you… but the Supergirl Costumes here are both nice… but the first one is the one that me as a red blooded guy would like to see women in at this years Halloween costume party.

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Cheers and have a great Halloween!


Trevor’s Deals for this Halloween


Supergirl Costume – Why this costume is better than the “pirate ones”

October 9, 2007

With the popularity of the Pirates of the Carribean Supergirl Costume 2007movie this year… you can imagine that everyone and their dog wants to be a pirate chick.

What’s wrong with this? Well… nothing at all.

But do you want to be just like everyone else at the party you’re going to and wear the same costume as several other chicks?

If I know girls (which I do pretty well) girls hate to be seen wearing the same costume as anyone else.

Which is exactly why this Supergirl Costume is perfect for this halloween.

With this Supergirl Costume for halloween 2007, you will be unique, sexy, and stand out in the crowd of plain ol’ pirate and playboy chicks.

So, use your coupon code for this Supergirl Costume and order today before the supply runs out.

Have a rockin’ Halloween!


Trevor’s Deals

The Supergirl Costume for Hot Halloween Parties

October 9, 2007

Supergirl is making a comeback in the halloween costume scene and is one of the hottest (literally… you’ll look hot in this Supergirl Costume), Halloween costumes around.

What makes the Supergirl Costume so hot for this Halloween season?

Well, first of all, take a look at our reccomended Supergirl Costume (read on for an exclusive Trevors Deals 5% off coupon code for the largest online costume store)

supergirl costume

Head over to see other pictures of this Supergirl Costume  at our official costumes page.

Anyhow, back to our little article here.

The Supergirl Costume newly re-designed for this Halloween of 2007 is as sexy as ever… but also very tasteful. 

It’s perfect for that chick who wants to flaunt her stuff at that Halloween party… without flashing her stuff (if you know what I mean).

Another reason this hot supergirl costume is the one to wear at your Halloween party is because you won’t see every other chick at the party wearing it.  This costume is one that is growing in popularity… but isn’t selling by the millions like the Pirates of the Carribbean costumes that everyone and their dog is getting.

I’m telling you, our company looks for the best deals for our customers and every other order is for a Pirates costume.  If you want to wear the same costume everyone else is wearing… go for the pirates… but if you want to be hot, unique, and have all eyes on you… the Supergirl Costume is the ticket. 

As a little side note… as a guy myself… the Supergirl halloween costume pictured above is just about as sexy as it gets… but leaves enough to the imagination to make it even better.

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